What does Valentine’s Day mean to your wallet?

With the annual celebration of Valentine’s Day now on your doorstep, and university students notoriously pressed for money, let’s take a look at how this celebration of love can impact your bank balance.

Last year in the UK, we spent around £650 million on Valentine’s Day gifts as a population, a statistic that has only been increasing in the last few years, overtaking Easter spending in the process.

Most of that cash spent is perhaps unsurprisingly, spent on cards, with the colourfully adorned pieces of paper being the most popular gift to give at 40%.

Despite the festivities being a vital part of their seasonal operations, some companies are spreading their love further, such as Ben & Jerry’s, who are donating proceedings from their new Valentine’s themed ice cream to the charity, Refugee UK.

In Canterbury, many students this year will be looking to take their partners into town for a meal out, several restaurants have prepared with their specially catered menus: Cote Brasserie and The Corner House, whilst there are special offers to be had at: Prezzo, Ask Italian and Café Rouge among others.

If you’re looking around where to go out, check out InQuire's lifestyle section for reviews of local food and restaurants with more recipes that can be served in the comfort of your own home to be found in the paper.

At the University of Kent, Woody’s will be offering a free sex on the beach with any two main meals.

For those looking for love in the air, UKC are also offering a First Dates night with multiple deals on drinks for those participating whilst also raising money for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

However you spend the day, either with your special someone, or alone eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (this editor), we at InQuire wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.