Pole Fitness: the first Varsity of many

Kent pole fitness put on a captivating performance, but sadly it was not their day. On Varsity day 3, Kent Pole Fitness headed down to Eliot hall to participate in their very first Varsity match against CCCU’s Pole Fitness. After two-hour long performances from each team, CCCU was announced the overall winner securing their wins in the beginner’s, advanced, and group categories. Team Kent however, particularly showcased a high standard performance in two categories- Jasmine from team Kent won the best intermediate category and Manling won the best trick’s category.

Among the amazing performances Kent Pole Fitness presented, Manling’s breath-taking routine was definitely a crowd winner. Dancing to Rag-n-bone Man’s Human, she surprised the audience by beginning her routine blindfolded. She opened the dance with a few spins starting from the bottom of the pole, then dramatically proceeded to the middle of the dance floor and ripped off her blindfold. She then moved on to another pole, and using just her arms to hold her weight, she elegantly climbed to the top of the pole and performed another, contemporary-like routine. It was an impressive choreography, as she simultaneously spread out her arms and legs and maintained a stationary position in the air. It was the pivotal moment team Kent’s performance.

Another great performance of Kent Pole Fitness was carried out by Lea and Josh. Their stage consisted of joint choreography to the music, ‘Shut Up and Dance with Me’. Their every move was impressively synchronised with the music and with each other. It was one of the more energetic and bubbly performances, which engaged the audience instead of the seductive performances that were followed by CCCU…

Team Kent wrapped up their performances, and CCCU finally came in all guns blazing. One element that captured the audience’s eyes was indeed, their flamboyant costumes. Red sparkles, black stilettos, everything was on show. They too had members of their team that made a powerful impact on the audience. With a running theme of Ariana Grande hits, their routines were sexy, playful, and arguably more dance-orientated. One of the performers who danced to Dangerous Woman, stood out because of her combined elegance, flexibility, and sensuality. When her performance ended, she received a standing ovation from one of the judges. CCCU concluded their programme with a well-designed group performance, where they gathered all the individual talents and put on an eye-catching stage.

Although it was a disappointing result for UKC, Kent Pole fitness was highly commended for their first ever Varsity experience. In the post-match interview with InQuire, Josh, one of the performers and committee members said, “I think it went really well considering we only had from Tuesday to prepare the routine.” When he was asked about his prediction about the winners he added, “It was my first time performing and we weren’t really going into it thinking about winning… we just wanted to have fun so if we win, it’s just a bonus.” Just like Josh’s words, the match between team Kent and CCCU were overall stimulating, interesting, and most of all rewarding for all performers. Well done Kent Pole Fitness!

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