UKC Swim: victory Varsity splash

All photos by Clara S-Izquierdo (photographer)

In what was a fun filled Varsity, UKC gain the win yet again this year, keeping up their winning streak. Comment from individuals who competed in the competition from UKC mostly stated that the women's team brought their A-game as per usual, but the men's team unexpectedly smashed it out of the park more than ever before!

Swim's president Robyn Grant stated "the boys team came through, we were worried because CCCU's team are good. But, we still smashed it! I've got to leave at 9am tomorrow for BUCS but, I shall celebrate another night". This was backed up by the Captain Rob who said "it was very exciting, but nerveracking from a captains point of view. Tough on the boys side but they pulled through, the girls amazing as always. Now just BUCS to smash. No rest for the wicked".

The Women's Captain Lucy spoke with InQuire, stating "I think it went swimmingly. Cringy. It was close but we smashed the relays. Will be a good weekend and great to start it with a win! Amazing day.".

Georgie the social secretary said that "we killed it, the captains prepared us so well! I've never been prouder." Regardless of the fact they have BUCS tomorrow, she stated "we are going to get hammered!"

Another win for UKC.

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