Ju Jitsu Varsity: ready for a rematch

The varsity weekend started early, with Jiu Jitsu at 9am on the CCCU Campus. The only martial arts competition in Varsity, both UKC and CCCU gave an energy-filled and strong performance from the very start to the end. The points were scored on an average for competitors - given as they ran up and down the mats, throwing and defending from attackers who came from the sides.

The better and faster the throw = the better the points. Some of the attackers had a variety of weapons : bottles, knives, even a sword and a chain were brought out at one point against a purple belted defender! Some people hit incredibly fast, others, incredibly hard, and the points at the end were close.

UKC scored an average of 24, whilst CCCU scored an average of 27, Whilst being a disappointing result, everyone did fantastic, and they're looking forward to the rematch!

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