Lacrosse Varsity: double Varsity win

Kiro Evans Lacrosse Women's Match Report

Merciless attacking play and indefatigable spirit has given the University of Kent’s women’s lacrosse team one of the most convincing victories of Varsity thus far and continues UKC domination of 2019’s tournament. Despite Christ Church huffing and puffing rebelliously, they could not stop the waves of attack that came to their door in every quarter of the game.

The match was only really a competition during the opening few minutes, when a frantic, end-to-end start saw UKC break free and score the opening goal after 3 minutes. That lead was quickly doubled two minutes later, with UKC quick to demonstrate the sharper shooting and passing which would soon lead to CCCU’s utter capitulation.

The team chemistry was unstoppable. Players such as Ebdon-Price and Ursel were key goal scorers, as well as some great defending from Westland. Key driving was done by Barber and Pattinson. Man of the match was given to Westland for her intense defending.

By the end of the opening 20 minutes, it was already 7-0 to the hosts, and CCCU did not seem to have known what hit them. That applies for both the players and the travelling support, who stood pitch side cheering on their team while the majority of the home support sat in the Pavilion stands.

Photo by Cassandra Barnard

You imagine the approach to the second 20 minutes from the home side was something akin to damage limitations, or operation: don’t-let-it-get-any-worse. But it did. Straight from kick off it was 8-0. But CCCU finally had something to cheer when they pulled a goal back almost immediately after.

UKC, clearly angered at their opponents having the temerity to challenge their hold of the match, scored straight from kick off again. It could and perhaps should have been more, but Ellie Hosford in the away goal did herself proud, making a string of impressive saves, and was mobbed by her teammates at the full time whistle.

Goals continue to fly in: one for Kent, one for Christ Church, 3 more for Kent, one more for Christ Church. By the fourth quarter, even with their dominant lead, UKC just kept going tirelessly, encapsulating an afternoon where they outran, outfought and outthought their opponents.

Meg Warwick Lacrosse Men's Match Report

The men's lacrosse team also had a victorious day with their big win against christ church, keeping up their nine year streak. Some excellent play from Amin, the teams captain with his drives and dodges. Do not let his height fool you, he's speedy on the pitch.

There were some great assists from many of the men's team, including an epic one from alagoa who then later went on to score a goal. Freshers such as Fairfax played in the match for the first time and played as well as the other players.

The chants were harsh, some dismissing Christ church's academic ability but it's all high spirited with no malicious intent. There was team spirit all around for both teams. Everyone was in high spirit post match.