Volleyball Varsity: double win

Photography by Oliver Trapnell (photographer)

UKC Men’s Volleyball dominated CCCU today, February 17th, at CCCU’s sports center—the captain of UKC’s team was only annoyed that they didn’t win every set, only 3 out of the 4.

CCCU is near the bottom of the charts, so UKC came in strong, taking a quick win in the first set. CCCU marginally won the second set; but UKC brought their game back in the third and fourth sets to win the game. The second two sets were over quickly, with UKC scoring 25 points, in each set, in under 30 minutes. The team worked well together, encouraging each other from the sidelines, and acting as a cohesive group.

Following the Men’s Volleyball match, the women came out even stronger. UKC Women’s Volleyball has been on a winning streak in BUCS, and CCCU was not going to pull them down.

They nailed the first set, getting to 25 points before CCCU achieved 10. The second set was even quicker, with CCCU getting only 7 points before UKC ended the set with 25.

Their teamwork was unparalleled on the court, and the training they have put in this year certainly showed throughout at the match. They easily set up spikes when they had control of the ball, and each player instinctively knew where to be and when.

CCCU’s defense was strong but couldn’t withstand the barrage of spikes being pelted at them from UKC. UKC’s defense was to be offensive, they rarely lost control of the ball, but when a spike did come from CCCU, they were easily able to deflect it.

The third game was closer, with both team’s neck and neck at 20 and 22, before UKC pulled forward to 25, leaving CCCU at 20. It was an exciting day for UKC, adding two more points to a Varsity score, which is now: UKC—16 and CCCU—6.

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