Hockey Varsity: first clean sweep in decade

Photograph by Oliver Trapnell (Photographer)

UKC Hockey put Christ Church to bed with four wins on the dot, achieving a feat that hasn’t been repeated for 10 years until now.

The event started with the UKC’s 2 nd XI against Christ church. Despite their good league form this season, the one thing that was on the forefront of CCCU’s minds was whether they could do it on a cold, windy day in UKC. Evidently not, as UKC managed to grind out a 2-1 win against their bitter rivals with Navdeep Gill and Vik Pandit providing the bullets that knocked out Christ church.

Photograph by Violeta Ivanova (Photographer)

It was a close game with both teams neck and neck, however UKC largely dominated the match and CCCU never looked like threatening the opposition, apart from a low slap that curved the neck of the post, igniting the spark of a few nerves as it were.

This enthralling UKC victory set the tone for the demolition that was to come, as the UKC men’s 1 st team came back from conceding in the first minute to come back and also win 3-1. The match was intense and the standard higher than twos, but just as exciting.

Photograph by Violeta Ivanova (Photographer)

The UKC women’s hockey team were also in fine form, as the Women’s 2 nd XI battered CCCU with a 5-0 win. UKC were leagues above and dominated most of the match with CCCU rarely getting a run in on the opposition. UKC’s first goal emerged within the 12th minute from a low reverse shot that completely bewildered the goalkeeper.

Photograph by Oliver Trapnell (Photographer)

There was no doubt that the spectators within the stands had a part to play with this early dominance. The loud drums of CCCU was tamed by the beast of the boisterous home crowd with chants and scowls that dismantled the hearts and confidence of the opposition, creating a surging uproar that unleashed the powers of UKC.

Play continued onwards with UKC dominating possession and scoring another four goals, leaving CCCU to drive back home disappointed – was the long journey up the University Road hill really worth it?

Photograph by Violeta Ivanova (Photographer)

With three wins on the spot, the UKC women’s 1 st XI had a bit of pressure to handle due to their disappointments last year. Nonetheless, they did not disappoint as they had also managed to win against CCCU, who had posed some threats from time to time but UKC had too much star quality for them to handle, which marked four overall wins for UKC Hockey.

"There seemed to be a lot of aggression on the pitch, the energy reminiscent of a football"

Spectator Opinion piece on the matches

By Katinka Pim

Men’s Hockey 1s showcased a fantastic team of players, demonstrating their determination and resilience as they bounced back from the goal scored by CCCU in the first couple of minutes. There seemed to be a lot of aggression on the pitch, the energy reminiscent of a football, however this was combined with speed and strength on both teams, their adrenaline clearly pounding through. The ball skills on pitch were fantastic from UKC, specifically from player 420, who the ball seemed magnetised to each time he swooped in. It was a victory for UKC with a 3-1 win, the last goal scored at the very end of the game.

UKC’s women’s 2s began the match with a very strong attack, leaving the game at half time with a 2-0 lead. Following this, they continued to show a strong determined play, relentless in their attack, although it was their defence that shone through. Their team tactics had some great thought behind it, as at one point they all ran in unison, perfect triangle as they carried the ball down the pitch. CCCU just couldn’t keep up! The last half hour of the game demonstrated the unbeatable nature of the team, as their score went up to 3 goals, then 4, then 5 as they carried on through the rain, with such resilience. A brilliant win to UKC!

Kent’s Women’s 1s Hockey team bounded onto the pitch with enthusiasm and determination, the players strong and fresh-faced as they ignored the bitter cold and rain. The crowd was well warmed up by this point however, and the cheers and boos were loud, motivating the players from both sides I’m sure. Although played with speed, the flow of the game was often interrupted by the umpire, with at least 2 yellow cards flashed, and outrage from both the crowd and players. The game seemed to be playing out in our favour, with a 2nil lead, until is appeared that CCCU scored their second goal toward the end of the game. This luckily, however, was disallowed. UKC eventually won with a 2-1 score.

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