Tennis Varsity: triple win for UKC

Photo by Clara S-izquierdo (Photographer)

There’s so many reasons to be proud of our Kent Teams in Varsity. Dedication, fellowship, physical and mental strength. Those are the best words to describe our teams. UKC Tennis is one of the teams that has the spirit and has not let us down for the past 12 years.

Photo by Clara S-izquierdo (Photographer)

The evening started with Men’s 2’s. The rest of the day continued smoothly, guiding us to our final win. For the women’s, the even started a bit differently, with CCCU’s ‘strategy of distraction’. They started arguing that only 6 players could participate, but eventually changed their mind and accepted all 8 players from UKC. Nonetheless, that didn’t affect the focus and concentration of our brilliant team. With great rallies in both doubles and impressive wins in every single match, with numbers like 6-0, 6-2, Women’s team proclaimed themselves victoriously as the winners for yet another year.

Photo by Clara S-izquierdo (Photographer)

Finally, Men’s 1’s started with all four players in their doubles. The first partner was easily beaten with a total score of 2 sets for UKC. The other partner proved to be more challenging. Despite winning their first set without complications, CCCU recovered with the score of 1-1. CCCU's supporters' hopes were raised and tension levels were rising. In the final championships tie-break CCCU went from 5-2 for UKC up to a tight score of 9-9. Ironically, a shout was heard from the CCCU crowd saying “Come on! [Kent] doesnt want it!” So naturally, Kent showed them exactly what they wanted with the end score of 11-9. Their singles worked out well too, with them winning all of them.

Photo by Clara S-izquierdo (Photographer)

With tight scores but impressive rallies to an injury (CCCU) in the last match, our Men’s from the first team showed CCCU what we’re made of; power and resilience. One more year and for the 12th time, UKC Tennis won Varsity with honor.

Photo by Rory Carnell (Photographer)

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