Trampolining Varsity: Soaring like a butterfly

Stable, bold, and dazzling. UKC Trampolining in their elegant velvet uniforms have soared high up into the air securing wins for all of the divisions in this year’s Varsity against CCCU. Showing off their splendid tricks and captivating moves in the air, participants from both sides of the team have awed the audience during the entire match.

In the evening of the 7th day of Varsity, Kent Trampolining battled against Christ Church in Kent Sports Centre. The venue was already buzzing from excitement as the players began warming up to upbeat pop music in the background. Athletes from both teams did not seem nervous at all as they rehearsed their simple jumps and complex positions like somersaults and twists. As anticipation from the spectators maxed, the competition commenced.

The match progressed under different groups that were categorised based on levels of difficulty. Participants of each cohort individually performed their routines. The players from the first two groups put on their routines that were consisted of straight jumps, pike, tuck, and forward twists. Their jumps were the best element of the performances; they simply levitated high up into the air then descended with great confidence and stability impressing the audience. All of the athletes completed their routines with composure, and the first round was concluded victory for Kent. Although CCCU came through strong, they came in slightly short to beat resilience and strength showcased by the athletes of Team Kent.

The participants in the second round wowed the audience even more with greater tricks and advanced positions. The athletes included combinations of jumps, pike, and tuck with spins and twists in different positions. Especially when the participants jumped high up then consecutively carried out pikes and twists whilst in the air, the audience was captivated by their elasticity and boldness. Athletes of Kent and CCCU in the second round executed their routines with supreme level of height and flexibility whilst gracefully landing back on the trampoline in different positions. After an intense competition, the second round also came to an end announcing victory of UKC Trampolining by a margin.

Unlike the ‘mainstream’ and widely beloved Varsity sports such as rugby and football, trampolining Varsity was particularly fascinating as the routines carried out by individual athletes were rhythmical and visually stimulating, but at the same time skilful and professional. Congratulations to Kent Trampolining, you guys deserve the win!

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