Tips from Kent Dance Society dancers about dancing as a beginner

Dancing can be daunting, especially if you are surrounded by a crowd of trained dancers, mirrored walls, and the constant feeling that you have no idea what you are doing. Taking into consideration the difficulties one may face when starting a new hobby, I sat down with Almera Melrose, a member of Kent Dance Society, and we discussed some tips and tricks for when you decide to make the plunge into the world of dance.

Taster sessions

If you like the thought of being able to dance, but find dance classes to strenuous or hard to keep up with, then why not start off with something a bit more relaxed? There are “Zumba lessons at our gym, and they are not as technical—a good class to attend with friends. You can always go to the taster sessions and see what they’re like.” There are so many styles of dance, so the key is to keep an open-mind and give everything a go.

Wear something comfortable

Almera suggests that “you can wear leggings and whatever top you feel comfortable in. I would just say leggings because then the teacher can see what how your body moves, and what you can work on”. When it comes to hip hop or street dancing, “just wear something that you are comfortable in”.

Don’t be nervous

Almera says that there is nothing to worry about, Kent Dance Society is very welcoming. “If there are a group of dancers, and they recognize that you are a new member, they will approach you and introduce themselves. You don’t have to be worried about making friends”. As challenging as it may seem, remember that every experience is beneficial and you are there to have good time and learn exciting things. “All of the dancers that I know are very friendly and there is no meanness no competition. They’ll teach you the basics”.

Join Kent Dance Society

Kent Dance Society is a great place to start your dancing experience. Their “classes are open for every member who pays the membership fee which is £10. You can attend as little or as many classes or workshops as you want”. During fresher’s week they have auditions where they want to see the different levels of dancers they have and how they can accommodate everyone.

In Alemera’s experience, the Kent Dance Society members are like a big family. ‘Everyone is there to dance. No one is there to criticize you. Everything will be constructive and helpful.’ It’s a society that helps you improve in various ways, not just your dancing skills but your social skills as well. You become more accustomed to the feel of the stage, the trainings, and meet those who share similar interests as you.

Just go for it!

Dancing is not about being perfect. It’s all about enjoying yourself and having fun. ‘The thing is, no one is going to judge—the only person that is worried is you.’

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