How to Vote

March 4, 2019

Where do I vote?


Voting booths will be open Monday 4 March at The Venue in Canterbury and The Deep End at Medway. If you are voting this way, remember to bring your Student ID. You can vote at any time online at Voting closes at 2pm.


How do I vote?


1) Complete the self-definition form.


2) Select the election you would like to vote for.


3) Enter ‘1’ by your first preference, ‘2’ by your second preference and so on. You cannot put the same number by two candidates, but you can enter as many or as few preferences as you wish.


4) Submit your votes.


When do polls close?


Friday 8 March.


When will I find out who has won?


The results will be announced at The Venue on Friday 8 March from 6pm. You can also watch live coverage of the results on KTV from 6pm.


InQuire will be interviewing the committee winners soon after.


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