Manifesto Analysis 2019: Postgraduate VP

Laura hopes to provide a support scheme to every level of postgraduates, proposing a “buddy” scheme, such as that similar to what is offered to first year undergraduates. If, for example, a masters student is going onto a PhD, a current PhD student could be a peer mentor, “I think that should also be implemented for those that are considering going from an undergrad to a postgrad” she said. “All levels should have a peer mentor”.

Response to whether she thought this was plausible, Laura said that many current volunteers would be eager to help boost their volunteering hours and boost their CV’s in the process.

Valeria has proposed monthly chats between her and postgraduate students to discuss various topics, saying that “It’s the idea of bringing back this community feel”.

“This is also a good way for the future VP to find out more about underlying problems in the postgraduate community such as accommodation”, and listed problems in the Woolf accommodation block as an example of such.

To make your own analysis of the manifestos, follow the links below: Floris Claassens' Manifesto

Valeria Minisini's Manifesto For Laura Carlin's Manifesto check social media

Regarding Medway, all three candidates included points on the seaside campus in their manifesto, with both Valeria and Allana agreeing that the shuttlebus schedule between the two campuses should be reformed to include non-term time (after a trial period), although candidates have promised similar reforms in previous elections.

Laura’s Medway policy, however, focus on sports in Medway in an attempt to link the campuses. Laura said she had spoken to the “the sports development officer, who’s got loads of ideas” and who she’ll be meeting with later in the week.

Laura contradicted Valeria and Allana on shuttlebuses, concluding that more shuttlebuses may not be the answer.

When candidates were asked by Kent Union on whether they would prioritise accommodation or parking for postgraduates, none of them said it would be their prioirty.

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