Frozen 2: What to Expect?

The official trailer for Disney’s Frozen sequel was released a few weeks ago, following the immense success of the first Frozen film, released in 2014. I couldn’t help but think that Frozen has always been a little on the overrated side so hearing the news of a sequel hitting cinemas this November, I was curious to see if this could be any different - and if it would change my thought of the films.

As the trailer begins, the first character the audience will see is the ice queen herself, Elsa, harnessing her ice powers towards a stormy sea. The first thing one should notice on the trailer is that there is no dialogue whatsoever. Not that it’s even needed; I immediately noticed that Elsa seems a much more independent and fearless character just from her confidence and determination. Unlike the first Frozen film, terror and isolation were all Elsa felt but there was no hiding away from her powers here. She had no hesitation to control the sea waves with them creating luminous, spectacular ice magic in the process. We also see the return of Anna who, like Elsa, has a more independent and fearless feel to her. Whether that’s what we’ll see on the big screen, who knows? But one thing’s for sure, the mind-blowing quality of animation and special effects is guaranteed to look spectacular, from the sea waves to ice sparkles and even Anna and Elsa’s long flowing hair.

From watching the trailer for Frozen 2, I can see why the franchise has got the hype it’s gained over the years. I’m expecting this sequel will receive just as much, if not more, than before and down to the breath-taking animation, enhancing visual effects, and a more powerful perspective of Elsa, it will be no surprise to most people. Although I still feel a little bit of the remaining ‘what's the big deal' after watching the trailer, hopefully, I will see why and that will change when I sit down to what the full thing in November.