5 things you didn't know about the UKC careers service

In case you didn’t know already, the University of Kent has a pretty awesome careers service. As easy as it is to put off thinking about the future, it’s rather helpful that there is a whole department on campus ready to navigate you through it.

As a student that has been on the other side of their words of wisdom, here are 5* fab things I think you should know:

1. The K-BEW

Putting off work experience because you can’t afford the train tickets? Maybe you need actual work appropriate clothes instead of the pyjamas you’ve been going to lectures in? The careers service offers up to £250 in bursary money to help cover the costs that may prevent you from getting super useful experience that looks great on your CV! You may be legible to claim costs for up to the first 3 weeks of your placement, so find out more here. You can also hear about the expereinces of other students who benefited from the bursary on our blog!

2. Target Connect

Socially awkward and avoiding human interaction at all costs? You can book appointments with the careers advisors online here! You can pick a time slot that suits you with one of the highly trained and knowledgable careers advisors. Whether you’re looking for help with an application, advice about placements, or just to sit and chat about your options, that’s what they’re there for. You can also indicate on your booking form what you would like to talk about, so you and your careers advisor will be starting on the same foot. If you ever have any reservations about an appointment, you can contact one of the student emp reps for any reassurance (find our details here!).

3. They can help you make your CV awesome

CV writing always comes across as some sort of big deal, and tbh that’s because it is! However, booking a CV check through target connect (see above) couldn’t be simpler. They also have CV superpowers, and will be able to help you find anything and everything that makes you stand out! They can also help you structure and present your skills in a professional way, which is essential to getting the job or placement you are looking for.

4. Emails about talks & workshops

Always feel like you’re the last one to find out about the really helpful careers talk all your mates went to? You will receive weekly updates once you have logged into Target Connect, and find out about upcoming talks and workshops that could benefit your employability. Events can often include ‘Using LinkedIn’, mock assessment centres, presentation skills, interview skills, and much much more!

5. The staff are really nice & will probably offer you a cup of tea

Yup, the staff at the UKC careers service are really fantastic, and genuinely there to help you. The main point of this blog is that the careers service is one of the best departments on campus, and its there for you to use! We all find it hard to face things that we dont want to do, but it is reassuring to know that the people on the other side are there to help you. (Tea and biscuits not guaranteed but quite likely)

*Ok I lied:

6. Target Connect Has Loads of Great Stuff on It

Take the time to explore the target connect website, as there are placements, vacancies, events and so much more!