Review: Into the Spider-verse

On hearing that there is another new Spider-Man movie being released to cinemas, it might be easy to initially think “what could this movie do that the other incarnations and attempts to bring this beloved hero to the big scene haven’t done?” The answer to that question is - a lot.

Even though this is again a Spider-Man origin film, this movie works to stand apart from the others. Rather than focusing on the more commonly known story of Peter Parker, this film focuses on alternative universe Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and his transition from ordinary high-schooler to the friendly neighbourhood hero we have come to love. Along the way, Miles comes into contact with a variety of other heroes who have donned the Spider mask including a chubby and disillusioned Peter Parker, an ever-fierce Spider Gwen, a Noir, Nazi-Butt Kicking Spider Noir, the futuristic Peni Parker and the cartoon Spider-Ham. These characters and their quest to stop Kingpin and return back to their own dimensions, whilst helping Miles come to terms with his new powers, provide for one of the most enjoyable superhero films in recent years.

Much like many superheroes, Miles’ story is one riddled with highs and lows, each of which are portrayed in an engaging and heartfelt manner. Indeed, many of the film’s highs come from the humour which drives Miles’ story, with much of it a meta-commentary of the tropes associated with the Spider-Man story which will leave fans of the franchise laughing throughout the movie. However, where this film stands out is within its more serious elements, whether that be through the losses Miles faces along the way or his relationships with his father or his mentor Peter Parker. What this serves to create is a film that not only leaves you with a smile when walking out of the cinema through its humour and amazing action sequences, but also one that leaves an impact.

Whilst the story and characters of this movie provide the main basis for why this film is as great as it is, justice would not be done without mentioning the animation of this film. The way these characters have been brought to life is nothing short of beautiful with many scenes looking as if they were torn straight out of the comics. Whether it be Miles swinging throughout oncoming traffic or doing more mundane activities, such as packing for school, each scene is wondrously designed and creates a Spidey universe which stands out from the many that have come before.

Overall, what has been created here is a movie with heart, character and story providing its very core. Therefore, whilst Spidey movies which have come before are by no means bad and have done a good job with the comics, Into the Spider Verse serves to establish itself as a swing above the rest.