UKC Boxing raises £350 for charity

On Thursday the 28th of March the UKC Boxing Club held a charity boxing showcase in aid of the Prostate Cancer Support Association in Kent. The showcase was the first of its kind on campus and with every ticket sold out it’s safe to say it was a huge success. Thanks to the efforts of the show the club raised an incredible more than £350 for the charity.

Divided into Team Red and Team Blue the show commenced with Dan Gilravey in the red corner versus Ismail Wahba in the blue, and after three close two minute rounds Team Blue secured their first win. Next was Victoria Cheung fighting for Team Blue versus Fiona Farrell, who won Team Red their first point. The third fight saw AJ Panchalingam in the red corner fighting Niall Crosbee in the blue, securing another point for Team Blue. The last fight before the intermission saw Alex Burgess in the red corner versus George Wood in the blue, and after another close match, Team Blue pulled firmly into the lead with 3 points to 1. The showcase resumed again with Cameron Hasan fighting for Team Red versus Hussein Hayder fighting for Team Blue, who secured them another point. Next was Abdul Butt in the red corner, versus Ismail Wahba for his second fight.

Another win for Ismail brought Team Blue to 5 points. It was also back in the ring for Fiona Farrell in the penultimate fight, this time fighting Miriam Davies in the blue corner. After yet another close fight Fiona scored Team Red another point, bringing the score to 5:2. The highly anticipated final fight of the night saw Aman Grewel in the red corner take on William Hockey in the blue. After an intense three rounds Aman secured the win for Team Red, but it wasn’t enough to steal a victory, and so, with a final score of 5 points to 3, Team Blue were named the showcase winners.

"As the captain of Team Blue and of UKC Boxing I am very thankful to everyone who made the show flow so well", Team Blue's Captain and showcase fighter Will Hockley told InQuire. "I would also like to say I’m incredibly proud of all the fighters who had the courage to get in the ring, and especially proud of my team for winning the event. The crowd really got involved in every fight, cheering for every punch which created a great atmosphere. Considering it was our first show it was a fantastic event which everyone enjoyed, and a brand new experience for me personally".

Club president and host of the showcase Omer Pazar agreed; "the decoration was perfect, the fighters showed skill, persistence and heart throughout the event, with great respect shown to the winners and losers alike. The fights only got more exciting as the show went on, you could really see the excitement in the audiences eyes!". He also added ‘I would like to thank the volunteers, without them the show wouldn’t have run, Kent Sport, for being so open and accommodating in helping organise the show, and Kent Union, for their help in ensuring the safety of all participants and audience members. I’d especially like to thank the UKC Boxing committee, who have made sure the club has excelled, and head coach Norman, for his work on training the fighters throughout the year and his role as referee".

After such a successful showcase everybody’s definitely looking forward to seeing what exciting events UKC Boxing have planned for the future.