Pete Buttigieg – America’s saving grace?

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Pete Buttigieg is one of the Democratic nominees for the 2020 presidential election.

The 37-year-old looks to be the kind of leader that the United States needs. He could be a transformational candidate who, if successful in his primary campaign, has a good chance of preventing Trump from embarking on his second term. Buttigieg presents himself as the voice of millennials, in which his views rightfully reflect the contemporary issues affecting young people.

The major scrutiny that has befallen Buttigieg has mostly been a result of his policies. Critics deemed his answers to voters’ questions generic and have criticised his lack exploration. But it should not matter whether his policies are generic or not – so long as they are beneficial to the country and attainable.

Buttigieg expressed support for an array of policies that would be good for America. Some of the most important of these are tougher action on climate change, gun control reform, and LGBTQ+ rights. These are issues that have gained huge attention over recent years and are areas that desperately need addressing.

Some have argued that Buttigieg is making empty promises when he brings these issues into his campaign, however these are areas in need of reform; Buttigieg has not promised to end climate change, he has made clear that his work will take steps in the right direction.

Buttigieg’s lack of policy expansion is instead a deliberate move – voters are not looking for policy papers. This is accurate to an extent; many voters are keen to give their support to an individual, rather than a manifesto. Regardless, Buttigieg should offer an explanation of what he plans to do if elected; this would boost his support, especially amongst the older generation of voters.

Buttigieg has received a huge backing, and his success so far has come as a massive surprise. He stands in quite a contrast from some of the other, more traditional candidates. He holds a lower place in office than most; as the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He is a lieutenant in the US army and a war veteran. He is also married another man. And although his sexuality should not make the foundation of his campaign, if America can elect an openly gay president in 2020, it will speak volumes for equality and mark an astounding break away from the regressive nature of the incumbent chief executive.

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