We Gays Should Grow Up

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The LGBTQ+ community, especially within the institutionalised ‘progressive’ social attitudes entrenched at the University of Kent, are not helping themselves. They are not helping me, a queer student. I do not want to be a victim. There are challenges and difficulties facing us to be sure, but acting as if there might be danger or conspiracy around every corner is not a way to reach a fulfilling life.

The University of Kent has decided to host the Lambeth Conference’for the Church of England (which is still knocking about, believe it or not) in 2020, the first time it has done so in over 40 years. The concern, or outrage, that this conference is being hosted at UKC does not appear to spring from theological concerns. There does not appear to be any outrage at Old Testament injunctions against homosexuality (not unique in monotheism to be sure) or institutional CofE ostracizations of gay people. No, the outrage has arisen because Archbishop Welby did not think it would be appropriate for same sex partners of his own clergy to attend.

I did not realise that the Church if England was so abundant in membership; the Church of England appears as if it needs more allies than opponents…not that LGBTQ+ folk have ever been allies of Christianity. Monotheism has and always will despise deviants – whether that be on sexual, ethnic, theological or philosophical grounds – because deviants are an innate threat to their divine and totalitarian order. This issue brings us to the main threat: militant and theocratic Islam.

The states of the world that have the most regressive laws and practices towards LGBTQ+ people are those that are the most theocratic or Islamo-Fascist. The despotic regimes of Iran or Saudi Arabia punish the legitimate and beautiful expression of homosexual love and affection as criminal behaviours worthy of the death penalty. For this reason alone, gay folk ought to celebrate President Trump’s recent announcement that he wishes homosexuality to be decriminalised worldwide. President Trump is a divisive figure; however, on this issue he deserves encouragement and praise.

The LGBTQ+ community of our University should spend more time organising and highlighting these disgusting regimes than ‘micro-aggressions’. We are not a homogenous voice, and if dissent is (ironically) supressed within our own community then what right do we have to demand freedom of thought and expression for those repressed in barbaric circumstances?

We are fortunate to live in the 21st century, in the United Kingdom, on a university campus. It is true to say that there are parts of our nation that are not so enlightened. It is true to say that disgusting attacks occur against the LGBTQ+ community because of the mere audacity that they dare to exist and express themselves. These bigoted attacks must be challenged at every opportunity. Those who have struggled, for a century or more, have made sure I have the freedom to sit and write this article with deserved, long awaited and overdue recognition. I am not opposed to LGBTQ+ History Month or awareness events, but it would be preferable that this was integrated into the national curriculum alongside ‘normal’ history.

We are not always the victim. LGBTQ+ folk can, and indeed do, achieve great things. I would be more ashamed to ‘come out’ as a conservative than a queer man. It is fair to say that conservative forces have usually aligned against the liberation of the LGBTQ+ community, although this was always as a supplicant to religious interests. Recent developments of the libertarian right prove encouraging, showing that gay folk do not have to axiomatically align with ‘progressive’ politics or figures just because they advocate for us to have more rights; despite us being in the greatest position of legal equality in human history. Those who have toiled, fought and even bled for this outcome deserve our thanks. Those who want to exploit and puppet us do not. Self-pitying victimhood serves only to indulge in a constructed reality that the world is out to get us, that around every corner is a homophobic or transphobic foe lurking. The world is waiting for our stamp as much as anyone else’s. The future will be written by those who are bold enough to act, not those clamouring for safe spaces and trigger warnings.

The mentality of victimhood will only hold us back; we should be ready to drive forward the motions of history. Now is our time more than ever. We Fags should grow a pair. We have nothing to lose but our fear.