Cultural things to do in Canterbury

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Visit historical landmarks If you are a history or architecture bug, visiting the renowned Canterbury Cathedral is a must. The Cathedral is a wonderful sight and is the reason why millions of tourists visit Canterbury annually, so you better make the most of it! Your Kent Student ID ensures you free entry into the Cathedral. If you are up for some more learning with a hint of entertainment, then situated near the Marlowe Arcade is the Canterbury Tales.

Theatre and entertainment

Canterbury is home to some of the world -renowned theatres including the Marlowe (situated in the town centre) and the Gulbenkian (on campus). The Marlowe brings ‘world-class artists and companies to Canterbury and visits by the likes of National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, the Phillhharmonia Orchestra and more’. The Gulbenkian has a 340-seat theatre and a 300-seat cinema, delivering high quality entertainment for the public and students. The Gulbenkian, located next to the Templeman library, features a café with a cabaret inspired space for live music, comedy and slam poetry. Both offer discounts, benefits and rewards for students, as well as opportunities to get involved yourself.

Jaunt on a the beguiling river tours

Not able to devote a couple hours discovering Canterbury on foot? No worries! The city is home to five exciting boat tours companies waiting to take you on a punting tour across the Stour, including Westgate Puns, Canoe Wild, Fordwich and many more. Perfect for the history seeker or the romanticist, the experience is definitely one to create memories of.

University culture Of course, gaining a degree is important, however, university life has more to offer than just studying. Do not get it twisted, your degree is important, although if you believe that it is the only reason you are here for three years, it is time to be enlightened! Nothing screams employability more than racking up some extracurricular activities, skills and responsibilities through joining one of the Universities’ many clubs and societies. Societies are not just a gateway for gaining employability skills. Through joining societies and student group you are guaranteed to meet people who you will end up playing, partying and relaxing with. With over 200 societies, you can choose to get involved with your favourite sport, fundraise for charities or a volunteer for a community action group.

Get lost within the beautiful town centre Sounds crazy, I know, however grab a group of friends and a camera, get out of your accommodation and explore Canterbury, the Garden of England. Journey along the highstreet but take a detour once you hit the centre. Explore the small alleys, take shortcuts and allow yourself to enjoy the flow of the city and its people carrying you. Take the in the cobbled roads, shortcuts and wonder around the town centre. It is a beautiful city full of hidden gems, Instagram worthy-spots and award-winning coffee shops. If you are up for a real adventure, use your Stage Coach University bus pass and explore the East Kent Region and visit historical landmarks such as Dover, Margate, Whitstable and Folkestone, all within an hour’s journey.

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