Listen to what Cameron has to say: it is as pertinent as ever

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Image: ITV

David Cameron’s opinion on Brexit since the day he lost the 2016 referendum has been one of the most eagerly awaited events in the political calendar. He is, after all, the reason why the country is in the process of leaving the EU. His book, For the Record, was published on 19 September 2019 and offers his thoughts on the current political climate. However, the former PM has come under fire for his comments criticising the current man in number 10 and Bullingdon Club compatriot, Boris Johnson, as well as other politicians such as Michael Gove.

Cameron claimed Boris never truly believed in Brexit and that he backed Leave in order to further his own career. In For the Record, Cameron states that Johnson “risked an outcome he didn’t believe in because it would help with his political career”. Many do not feel that it is right for Cameron to make these comments before the Brexit outcome has occurred. However, before his resignation, Cameron was, of course, hugely involved with the referendum. Therefore, his comments and opinions on the situation are important and pertinent. Cameron is more than entitled to let his point of view be heard.

The fact that For the Record has been released a month before the United Kingdom is expected to crash out does carry some moral issues. Breaking his silence at this time carries the question as to whether it could have something to do with furthering profits for his book deal. His first comments about the Prime Minister were given just a week before the release of his memoir and publishing his book before Brexit occurs does appear to have a profitable motive. This, nevertheless, should not really matter. Why wouldn’t Cameron want to release his book at a time when it would sell best? Just because he is trying to get the most amount of money out of his book deal doesn’t make his opinions any less valid.

Cameron’s opinion of today’s politics and the outcome of the referendum is so relevant to Britain’s current situation that it seems strange that he has been criticised for putting it out. There is anxiety over what could potentially happen after October as Britain is experiencing fear of the unknown. The more information that we are able to gather can help us to form our own thoughts on the situation; this is a notion that should not be viewed negatively.

Freedom of speech dictates that everyone should be allowed to say whatever they like, whenever they like; and this should apply to politicians just as much as it applies to everyone else. Cameron’s memoir contains opinions that many are eager to hear. After being mostly silent on the matter since he resigned in 2016, it is good that we are finally able to hear what the man behind the referendum has to say about the situation he had a hand in instigating.