Canterbury’s hidden coffee house

Image taken from Lazix website

Nestled along Butchery Lane, in the shadow of the cathedral and hidden behind Jack Wills is Lazix Coffee House; undoubtedly Canterbury’s best café. Whether it be for the chilled friendly atmosphere, the amazing coffee, or the unbelievable cakes, Lazix certainly exhibits the advantages that independent shops have over big chains like Costa.

Run by Milos and Elyse, Lazix – a play on Milos’s last name Lazic, first opened in August 2017. Aiming to bring a touch of Paris and Rome to Canterbury’s coffee, along with some good old-fashioned friendly hospitality.

Whilst offering the usual selection of coffees and a wide selection of black and green teas, Lazix also allows you to fine tune your coffee palette with traditional Greek coffee or ‘affogato’ – espresso poured over ice cream. Other treats worth mentioning and trying are their signature house specialties: a honey latte and their Kinder Bueno hot chocolate. Whichever coffee you decide on, you cannot help but feel delighted in the taste of Brazilian, Colombian, and Ethiopian blends. It both melts on the tongue, delivers that all important caffeine kick, and ends smoothly. But if you, like me, prefer or must have decaffeinated coffee, Lazix does not disrespect you with a cheap alternative. Their decaf is imported from Italy and is just as good as the regular blend. And if you fancy something stronger, they offer a wide selection of wines and spirits.

If you happen to be partial to a sweet treat to pair alongside your coffee, there is an incredible selection of handmade cakes and pastries. In company with the British classics like apple pie and lemon meringue pie, they also offer Turkish baklava and Italian cannoli – flavours including pistachio and chocolate. A popular favourite is the unusual chocolate-orange cake (a must for Jaffa Cake fans) and the freshly prepared Belgian waffles with your choice of cream: ice or whipped. For me, the lobster tails steal the show; crisp puff-pastry horns filled with chocolate or lemon ganache are a welcomed reward after a long day.

There are also a delicious variety of savoury dishes including salads wit

h toppings like halloumi or mozzarella, soup of the day (made by Elyse herself), and Mediterranean-inspired sandwiches and paninis including Antipasto – prosciutto, salami and mozzarella, the Arabesque – falafel, tomato, and hummus, and the Cuban – pastrami, ham, and Emmental. Lazix has also recently instituted an evening menu on Fridays and Saturdays of cured meats, cheese boards, and baked camembert.

Image taken from Lazix website

Above all things, what makes Lazix stand out is its service and atmosphere. Believing in the value of customer satisfaction, entering Lazix is like being welcomed at your Gran’s house. You are always greeted with a hello and some small talk if you are inclined; it is more like a common room than a café. The friendliness of Lazix is contagious, I doubt there has been a where I have visited and not spoken to someone new or made a new friend. Those with a partiality for the arts will also appreciate the influential local poets and artists that frequent the café, including internationally renowned artist George Kirkpatrick.

The haze of yellow halogen lights and the stylish Parisian decor creates a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and the upstairs is perfectly harmonious and quiet should you need a place to work or to study. If you are looking for a comfortable, and friendly place to meet with friends, go on a date, or revise, then Lazix is the place. It offers the communal, cultural atmosphere, and the tastes and smells that chains like Starbucks and Costa could only dream of.