Go-to student guide to autumn snacks and meals

With Summer drawing to a close a new wardrobe of woolly jumpers, socks, and scarves are the choice for many. Knowing the weather is going to be traditionally cold and breezy is the easy part. Deciding what snacks and meals to prepare to accommodate the Autumn season can feel like quite the task. Whether you want to eat on the go or prepare a homemade treat, here are some go to autumn snack and meal ideas:

Crispy apple and cinnamon rings: A quick, healthy and nutritious study snack, crispy apple rings with a dusting of cinnamon fit the Autumn spirit perfectly. Simply core and slice an apple into circular slices, bake in the oven with a small dusting of cinnamon for a snack to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings. If you are feeling extra ambitious, try drizzling some toffee sauce on top or serve with some peanut butter.

Chocolate orange rice cakes:

With chocolate and yogurt-covered rice cakes already an invention (a somewhat boring invention) why not infuse a taste of Autumn to it with an orange chocolate flavour? Either take a Terry's chocolate orange and melt it into a bowel, or add some fresh orange juice to melted plain chocolate; which would make this autumn treat suitable for vegans too. Then dip the rice cakes in it and set aside to cool.

Tuscan bean soup:

There's nothing I love more than coming in from a long and chilly day to a warm bowl of soup. Instead of cracking open a tin of Heinz tomato or cream of chicken why not push the boat out and try a homemade Tuscan bean soup. Consisting of beans of your choice, fresh vegetables, and spices, this is a one-pot dish that can be enjoyed by everyone and is the perfect late-night Autumn meal. I personally love to add small amounts of pasta to create a nice balance of crunchy and soft textures in the soup.

Pot pies: Pot pies are a student's best friend with so many warming and seasonal ingredients included in one dish. What makes a pot pie such a student-friendly meal is the marvellous creation of pre-made pastry. You can add whatever fillings you like making this meal great for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Vegetables, chicken, bacon, potatoes, and butternut squash are all excellent choices to name a few. Play around with different flavour combinations and add some spices to complement this Autumn meal.