Where to buy books for university

Image: Flickr | Neil H

Even though there were only three books to purchase for the module, your bank account started crying the moment you entered the pin code in. Books, just as bedsheets, Kent hoodies or a K-Pass are one of the first essential purchases you will make before the term, however, unlike bedsheets or other necessities, the prices can get to enormous heights. Fortunately, there are ways to get the stuff you need for a lower price and save some money.


The most convenient stop for any student on campus, where they can find almost every book from the ‘must read’ section of any module’s reading list. Some modules sell book bundles, where you can get everything you need for a discounted price. Also, Blackwell’s sell (and buy) second-hand books, so if you cannot find a used book, you can get some cash back after the term.


If I said that Blackwell’s is close, why not look for an online store? Amazon offers a giant variety of books (alongside literally anything else), first or second hand. They deliver goods straight to campus, so there is no reason to run to the city or even to central campus. Plus, it will be a valuable use of your £10 Amazon gift card voucher you got from that email survey.


For someone living off campus, Waterstones (with many stores all over the UK) can be an option for students wanting to buy books. The only downside being the availability of certain titles, alongside particular versions and publishers. Before you run to the city to browse shelves in Waterstones, check their website for the book you desire.


The Kent Fresher’s Facebook group is good for many things: finding events in the city, getting to know people from your course or your accommodation, and also to get some discounted textbooks! It can save you a lot of money, while helping a second year out - a win-win situation for both of you.


An option which is completely free, but I do not advise or recommend it in any way. The Templeman Library has almost an infinite number of books, textbooks or anything else needed for your courses. Just beware that going this path, you will need to learn how to speed read and borrow everything in advance, so that you will have it available for seminars and workshops.

Books for university can get pretty expensive, considering also wanting to join societies and enjoy drink deals in Venue, but they are an important part of your study time at Kent or anywhere else. The prices are high, but still not that high as the yearly tuition, so make it count and make your studies at Kent worth it.