The Kent University Real Ale & Cider Society – An introduction

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“We're the Kent University Real Ale & Cider Society and we look forward to meeting you” A cry easily lost amongst many in the hustle and bustle of the welcome week society fayre, but a cry that comes from the hearts of those already regularly attending KURACS. Every year we receive the usual questions: “aren’t you just a pub club?”, “don't lots of the other societies do bar crawls?” or “I don't like ale or cider, is that all you are interested in?”. Recognising the importance of these questions, we hope that this quick introduction to who we are and what we do will answer them and encourage you to come along and find out for yourself what makes us 'us'.

Ale and Cider certainly never lack for variety which is part of the appeal for many of us. Kent, traditionally known for being a major hop-growing county, is certainly steeped in beery history and provides a glorious range of pubs and bars that fuel that existing interest into a passion.

Upon this interest in the production and range of ale and Cider, KURACS was founded, and ever since, the quest for taste has remained a large part of its appeal for many. Led by this information, it would be tempting to assume KURACS is just a special interest society, serving a fairly niche market. To do so, is to ignore a lot of what we as a society are really interested in, and what we really do.

KURACS, described by its members, is a “social group first and a drinking society second”. And this would be an accurate description. The ‘pub club’ label is not entirely inaccurate. We are a club and we do frequent the pub. But it is in the pub

that good conversation flows – something much harder to accomplish in nightclubs. Having a favourite drink that one can be passionate about is often a good icebreaker at KURACS. At the end of the day, it's our passion for good drink and good company that unites us all, whatever that drink may be.

For some of us, the interest in what we're drinking is very strong, which is complemented by the society's trips to local breweries and talks from local experts on a variety of brewing related subjects. For many though, drinking is merely a pleasant accompaniment to the excitement of meeting a group of people who want to get to know one another and celebrate the communal atmosphere of the public house; a long-standing tradition embedded in our social history.

The social side of KURACS is furthered by our meetups for less drink related activities, such as pub quizzes, movie nights, or adventures out into Kent to explore the local area. There really is something for all.

Whilst it is true that many other societies venture out into town for the occasional bar crawl, KURACS' advantage in this regard is twofold. Firstly, we know all of the pubs. The good, the bad, the ugly, and whilst we certainly have some favourites, we enjoy the variety that Canterbury has to offer. Secondly, a lot of the pubs also know and recognise us, which has gained discounts in many of Canterbury's bars that other societies do not have access to. For only £5 (the lowest rate of membership the Union will let us set), the amount of discounts we then receive is makes it very good value, and all membership money is put back into events for members, often through buying ingredients with which to make our own beer for our end of year party, or through subsidising entry to beer festivals.

Joining KURACS is a decision you won't regret. Whether you've got a real passion for a certain tipple, are looking to meet new people, are looking to explore Canterbury and its surrounding area, or just want to take advantage of some great discounts in local pubs, there's something for everyone here.

The best way to find out about what we're up to is on our Facebook page: Kent University Real Ale & Cider Society. This has links to our other social media accounts, will introduce you to the committee, and enable you to find us at a social in the near future.

We are the Kent University Real Ale & Cider Society, and we look forward to meeting you.

Naomi Stead, President.

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