Fitness and body confidence is for all body types

Confidence in ourselves comes not only from how we think but also how we treat and love ourselves. Accepting yourself is one of the first steps in this; body types have always been so prevalent within the media, creating a perception that we are expected to look a certain way. The way we look, eat, train, and think is different and working to be the best version of you, in a way shaped for your assets and strengths, is important.

The idea of keeping fit is different for all of us. Naturally, we all have different body types. This should be okay. When looking into fitness as a broad concept there are so many different variables affecting each of us. Scientifically, we see three categories of body types, even though we can each be situated anywhere along the scale, or somewhere in between.

Those of us who find it easy to gain weight and be seen as ‘fat’ or ‘overweight’ would be a part of the Endomorph category where gaining fat, as appose to muscle mass, occurs organically. Although it is viewed as negative by some, this is not something that should knock your confidence. It is all about loving the body we have and working with it to get where we would like to be. Not every person can look the same, as we are all individuals and should not be compared. People who fall under endomorph should practice cardio with an element of weight training, alongside a low-carb diet with a large intake of protein and fibre.

On the other end of the scale, we have Ectomorph body types. People with this body type see a faster metabolism but, in direct contrast with endomorphs, find it extremely hard to gain weight whether that be fat or muscle mass. Bringing its hurdles and lack of confidence, most people are uncomfortable about something surrounding their bodies. A standard regimes includes low-cardio and plenty of weight training, with a high carbohydrate and calorie diet.

The category lying right in the middle of these two is mesomorph, which society has been socially designed to aspire towards, making it easier to gain muscle mass and lose fat. The ideal fitness plan for this body type is a varied plan surrounding cardio and weight training. Those who fall in this category can focus upon a certain area of their body that they would like to improve. Although this body type is what we desire, each of these body types should be worn confidently. Stay confident and find your perfect routine.