Ellie's autumn fashion guide

Image courtesy of Tyler Joe on Elle.com

Time to pull out those earth tones because autumn has arrived. If you live in the UK, you’ve likely been preparing for winter since September 1st and are starting to layer up for the even colder days yet to come.

As picturesque as it is, autumn can be an awkward time of year for fashion. With the weather being what it is in the UK, you never quite know if the woolly jumper you wore in the morning will leave you dripping with sweat in the afternoon. And then there’s always the rain.

Prepare yourself this season by updating your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends for 2019. Layering up is a given, but during the past few years street style has established new ways to add to your look; bum bags seem to have lost all meaning in the name and now drape over your chest!

Image courtesy of celebmafia.com

If you want to feel put together but comfy at the same time, joggers will always be your best friend. Embody street style favourite, Hailey Bieber and grab some baggy joggers, add a high neck bodysuit, a long line coat or cardigan, and some chunky trainers and you are good to go.

If you like to remain traditionally on trend for autumn, remember earth tones. Your go-to colours include: burgundy, khaki, and the classic tan. Remember to try and stick to these colours as you will be right on-trend. Even add some classic animal prints or patterns if you feel like spicing it up a bit. I have noticed recently that combining multiple neutral shades can create a classy look.

Here are some more easy suggestions that you can throw on:

  • Oversized checked or plain blazer with a high neck top underneath, tied together with a bum bag, mom jeans, and chunky trainers

  • Long-line teddy coat with a knitted turtleneck top over an oversized check shirt, tights, and boots

  • Turtleneck jumper dress with high knee boots and a cross-body bag