Harry Styles' Lights Up is a positive message for his fans

Harry Styles released his new single earlier this month and since then it’s taken social media by storm with fans swooning from his steamy video and his terrific vocal range.

The song starts off with an almost cinematic atmosphere with the optimistic beat and guitar chords slowly raising in volume to a sudden change in tempo and beat using more electronic sounds. During the verses the guitar chords enter again, and the optimistic feeling continues. Moving next into the chorus, the tempo drastically slows down with the prominent instrument being a piano which works extremely well to break up the song and keep the listener interested. Styles’ lyrics in this song talk about how easy it is to stay the same and not take chances but he advises the listener to ‘know who you are’ and to ‘step into the light’ a positive message for the idolised pop star’s many fans. Pairing the optimistic feel to this track, uplifting lyrics and ear-worm of a chorus makes this song definitely worth listening to. The video also reinforces Styles’ message to his audience to be who you want to be as you see the star getting up close and personal with a large, diverse group of companions. This also represents to me that Styles’ is comfortable and confident with his sexuality and that he wants his fans to be too which gives the video an honourable but saucy message. The cinematic opening combined with the positive lyrics and raunchy video mean the lights truly are up on Harry Styles as he continues his steady take-over of the pop-rock scene.