Is HBO Max bringing us closer to the Snyder cut?

Image Courtesy of WarnerBros

A new competitor has entered the streaming arena. In addition to streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Disney+ , HBO Max now joins the roster. Releasing May 2020, WarnerMedia’s HBO Max will offer an extensive collection of TV shows and movies, including original shows like ‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’, ‘Tokyo Vice’ and ‘Crime Farm’ as well as familiar titles like ‘Friends’ , the Studio Ghilbi films and all 11 seasons of the rebooted Doctor Who. What DC fans like myself found especially exciting was the announcement of 3 new DC series. We’ll be getting DC SuperHero High as well as two shows produced by Greg Berlanti (who oversees the CW’s Arrowverse): Green Lantern and Strange Adventures. But that's not all DC fans were excited about. HBO Max had its Twitter flooded with ‘polite and respectful’ comments from the official Release the Snyder Cut fan page demanding for the release of the fabled SnyderCut. For those of you who live normal, healthy lives that don’t involve obsessing over a movie that might not exist, let me tell you the tale of the SnyderCut. The Justice League was directed by the visionary Zack Snyder but after a series of unfortunate events he had to step away from the movie’s production and was replaced by the ‘Avengers’ director, Joss Whedon. In addition to a lot of studio interference from WarnerBros, Whedon carried out substantial reshoots that involved the infamous ‘Superman Moustache’ conundrum. In the end, according to multiple sources including Aquaman’s Jason Momoa, the film released in the cinema was hugely different from Snyder's original vision. Momoa also claims that he has seen the cut and says that ‘the public needs to see it.’ Along with comments from others involved in the production of the movie and Zack Snyder’s posts on his Vero account, Momoa’s comments sustain the life of the belief that the Snyder Cut exists and could one day be ours. So what does this have to do with HBO Max? The Warner Bros entertainment company has the exclusive rights to all footage produced by Zack Snyder and his team and are thus the only ones who can make the dreams of the fans come true. HBO Max would be the perfect opportunity for them to do so . The release of the SnyderCut would further ensure the success of HBO Max in these streaming wars for although the streaming service will already provide a vast volume of films and tv shows it will be the most expensive service to subscribe to. Subscription is $14.99 (£11.63) which is more than double Disney+ subscription cost of $6.99 (£5.42). The SnyderCut could give HBO Max that extra edge. But does the SnyderCut even exist? Will we ever know for sure? Only time will tell.