Christmas gift ideas when you're on a budget

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The most exciting time of the year is coming, which means that we need to put up our Christmas decorations, but most importantly, we need to start thinking about presents!

It can be a struggle to come up with ideas for the perfect gift, especially when you’re on a budget. Don’t worry, because we’ve compiled a list of cute presents that might inspire you.

A Star

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Yes, that’s right, you can buy a star in the sky and name it after the person that you want to give it to. You will get a paper certificate with a picture and the constellation it belongs to.

A photo album

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This is one of the most personal and thoughtful presents that someone could ever make. Nothing encompasses Christmas spirit better than reminiscing on fond memories. In this day and age, printed pictures have become something valuable and unique.

A book

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It might sound trivial, but anyone who likes reading will always appreciate a good book! This is another gift you can cater to the person, whether you think they would be interested. (Add more)


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Gather brownies, candy canes, chocolate bars and whatever sweets you can think of, then put them in a cute little basket, add a ribbon to it and ! You have the sweetest gift that you could possibly make. Hampers are such a good gift because you can customise it based on the person.

Something fluffy and cosy

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It could be a set of warm pyjamas, a soft blanket, fuzzy socks, or a pair of cute slippers. It doesn’t matter because it’s winter, and anyone would be happy to get something soft to keep them warm and cosy when it’s cold outside.

A ticket

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It could be anything. From a concert, to ice skating, or a day at the museum. There are many exciting things to do, so what better occasion than Christmas!

A light box

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Light boxes can look really nice, and they can be personalised, since you can write anything you want on them. This could be the perfect gift that you were looking for if you’re trying to convey how much someone means to you or you just like leaving fun messages.

Aesthetic stationery

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A really nice gift if you know the person is interested in bullet journaling, organisation, or is an avid lover of stationery. It is easy to get creative with this because of how many options there are of cute notebooks, planners, coloured pens and sticky notes.


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Scented candles are cute, cheap, easy to find, and there is a whole new range that comes out during Christmas that can keep the Christmas spirit all year round. Find a scent that they might like, and just go for it.

A personalised mug

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Brandish it with a funny quote, a name, or an inside joke that only you and the person who you are giving it to, will understand. Get creative with it and make it unique to the person you’re giving it to.

Sponsor an animal for someone

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There are so many animals in the world that need a sponsor to help them keep going and it can be as cheap as £3 a month. Now it is easier than ever to sponsor an endangered animal somewhere in the world, for example through WWF or The Wildlife Trust. This is a thoughtful gift for the person and the animal you're helping.

Plant a tree

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If you feel like paying for an animal is not something you want to support or are uncertain about. You can plant a tree in someone’s name and you’ll receive a certificate printed on recycled paper. It’s something that helps the environment and is a thoughtful gift that will be standing for many more Christmas’.

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