Rutherford Cultural Food Festival

By Rebecca Smith

On the 20th November, Rutherford food hall was transformed with lights, flags and international music for the cultural food festival. The festival allowed different societies to cook their favourite dishes that represent them and their country and it also gave an opportunity for students to try some dishes they may never have tasted before.

The evening had a warm atmosphere, offering a well-needed refuge from the winter air outside. The stalls were bright and busy as many students moved around the room, trying to decide what meals to try. A system of tokens was used to allow you to buy food from different societies, where one token was priced at £4 or you could pay £10 for three. This worked well as you could try one meal as a snack or try three different ones if you were sharing with friends or just super hungry! The meals were generous portions so it was good value for money to get a warm, home-cooked meal and try new things as well.

In a group of 3 we managed to try a variety of food, including banitsa from the Bulgarian society, samosas and Indian fudge from the Krishna consciousness society and tapas from the Spanish society. Some of our personal favourites were the cola chicken wings from the Chinese society and the chicken adobo from the

Filipino society because we had never had the opportunity to try these before and they were really tasty. After sharing these meals between us, we were so full we couldn’t try any more food, although we were almost tempted by the chicken schnitzels from the German society.

I would recommend keeping an eye out for the next cultural food festival if you didn’t make it to this years, it offers you a wide variety of food and music whilst you can sit with friends and meet new people as you eat. The atmosphere is great and the chance to create some new experiences is unmissable.

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