University of Kent raise £18,661 for Movember

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The University of Kent’s students have beaten their previous fundraising records by raising £18,661 for Movember.

Students and societies from across the campus have concluded their fundraising for the 2019 Movember charity campaign, beating last year’s giving amount of £15,000.

The Movember Committee, headed by Students at the University, said: “we are extremely proud of the overall amount and the effort put in by everyone.”

Jules, one of the Movember committee members stated that “it was an enjoyable time, but now I can’t wait to go home and sleep. The committee all worked so hard, and I’m so proud to have been a part of it.”

UKC are currently 33rd on the Movember leader board in the UK.

Sports and academic societies from across campus took part in the campaign, with events such as quizzes to bingo being run throughout November.

The top events for the month was a Movember Charity netball tournament session, which raised over £200 in one night as sports clubs and friendship groups got together to play continuous rounds of netball.

As well as this, the Movember Ball raised over £500, hosted by University of Kent’s Trampolining, Kickboxing, and Fencing Societies.

The top three individual fundraisers for the month were Nicholas Hutchinson who raised £877, Alex Bowring from Men’s Football who raised £1060 and Richard Durrant from Cricket who raised a huge sum of £1706.

The top three societies included UKC Fencing who raised £1681 and UKC Men’s Rugby who raised £3844. The biggest sports team fundraisers were UKC Cricket, who raised £7288 – the most any team has ever raised in the history of Movember at Kent.

Sam Street, the Chairman of the Cricket Society commented: “We had thirty-two members, both male and female. Those that weren’t fundraising were also a great support to our efforts by attending all of our events and donating. It was a real club effort.”

The awards ceremony for Movember is taking place at 7pm on Thursday 12th December in Origins.

You can nominate individuals or societies for awards here.

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