Material found from group with ties to 'White nationalism' found on campus

Material from a group with proported ties to 'white supremacy and nationalism' group has been found at the University of Kent.

The material, first reported by the student advocacy group UKC Student Solidarity in Action, is from a group called the Hundred Handers.

On Facebook, UKC Student Solidarity in Action said: “It’s clear the far-right feel emboldened to spread their hate in our University.

“This will certainly not be the last piece of Nazi propaganda we find in our community.”

The sticker appears to show a quote from socialist author Noam Chomsky about the ‘freedom to offend'.

UKC Student Solidarity in Action said: "The message in it is not in itself a problem, and would not have been cause for concern if it wasn't presented with the name of the Hundred Handers.

"While students may agree with this particular statement, it is coming from a neo-nazi organisation."

In recent years, other racist material was found on campus, including a swastika spray-painted onto Eliot College in November 2018.

Last year it was also found that members of a political society on campus, Liberty Union, had made racist remarks in a society group chat.

The Hundred Handers are a grass-roots organisation styled like clandestine activism groups such as Anonymous.

The group was created in 2018 and gains its name from Greek mythology.

The group’s material has previously been found in York, and has included stickers using the phrases “It’s okay to be white”, and "Western Civilisation is White Civilisation", in reference to conspiracy theories that modern social justice erodes ‘white culture’.

The group, whose leadership is largely unknown, operates as a series of unconnected cells, each with limited contact with ‘The Head’, who regularly sends out inflammatory material that members are encouraged to put up in public spaces.

In a blog post to their website, Kent Union said: “Kent Union reiterates, we do not tolerate any behaviour that directly or indirectly condones racism and exclusionary behaviour.

“We can confirm this has been reported to campus security and will be dealt with accordingly.”

InQuire Media has reached out for comment from Hundred Handers’ social media account.

More to follow.