Student Support to run Wellbeing festival in February

The Student Support and Wellbeing team are holding the #EnhanceYourWellbeing2020 Festival on February 24th and 25th in the Keynes Atrium building.

The event will include a variety of drop-in workshops and creative therapy activities in the Keynes entrance on the Monday and Tuesday between 12-2pm. All activities are free for students.

Natalia Crisanti, Events, Systems and Communications Officer of Student Support & Wellbeing explained: “It’s easy to get single minded about academic or working life and lose sight of the things that make you feel grounded and content.

“Through our Enhance Your Wellbeing activities we’re aiming to give people free tools to experience or rediscover a variety of things that give them balance, perspective and enjoyment.

“You are here for a degree, but you can learn so much more besides that – choose to invest in both your studies and your wellbeing.”

Free snacks will also be available in the atrium alongside the activities such as dog therapy, haircuts, information stalls and crafts.

Other wellbeing workshops throughout February are available to book onto, such as cooking workshops on bread-making or making desserts.

Events off-campus are also running in Canterbury city centre such as Wellbeing at Waterstones on the 27th February and a mindfulness tour of the Beany Galleries on the 2nd March. External events are also free for students and bookable online.

The event hopes to encourage students to think about living a balanced life and being creative with self-care.

For more information, visit the Enhance Your Wellbeing page here.