Kent election nominations announced

Image courtesy of: Oliver Trapnell

The list of candidates for the 2020 Kent Union Leadership Elections have been released.

The five roles up for election are the full-time officer roles, dedicated to “lead Kent Union and be the voice of the student body”, according to Kent Union’s website.

Only one student has been nominated as candidate for VP Postgraduate Experience.

The announcement comes two weeks after Laura Carlin, current VP Postgraduate Experience, announced she will not be re-running ‘for the role’s benefit.’

Laura Carlin told InQuire: “I am disappointed to see that this role hasn’t attracted as much attention as I think it should.”

The following is a list of official candidates for the Leadership Elections.

Student Union President: Sarah Adama, Ethan Basso, Joshua Frost, Aarish Hyder, Daniel Symonds.

VP Student Engagement: Megan Warwick, Alicia Roberts, Alfoncina Matungamire, Aldo Manella, Carolina VE, Catherine Reeve, Heather Furnish, Sneha Chawla.

VP Academic Experience: Gavin Knight, Andrea Cavallini, Vicky Saward-Read.

VP Welfare & Community: Aisha Dosanjh, Ming Tan, Muhammad Abdullah.

VP Postgraduate Experience: Patrick Stillman.

Various debates will take place throughout the campaigning period, with the dates being as follows:

The VP Welfare and Community and VP Student Engagement debate will be held on 11 February.

The VP Academic Experience and VP Postgraduate Experience debate will be held on 13 February.

The Student Union President debate will be held on 14 February.

Voting for the Leadership Elections will open on 17 February 2020 at 10am, and will close on 21 February at 2pm.