Alice's guide to all things brows

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Eyebrows are a key component in framing and giving personality to the face, so determining what type of brow product you use can seem intimidating. Eyebrows also happen to be one of the hardest features to perfect. As someone whose eyebrows are incredibly fair and sparse, I have tried and tested an array of products in my time, so take this guide as a route into an eyebrow product discovery which will hopefully inform you of picking the best brow product for you.

The eyebrow pencil

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The most forgiving product for a brow novice. With a light hand, small hair strokes can be created to mimic your natural eyebrow shape and create a full eyebrow without appearing too intense. With the pencil’s hair-like precision, it is easy to fill in your eyebrows to the level you desire, all whilst maintaining a natural hair strand look. For people with fair eyebrows, a pencil is a great option because its light and the defined look can easily be created. I recommend the NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil available at Boots for £10.

Eyebrow Powder

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Great for creating a darker, fuller brow. Like the eyebrow pencil, a light hand eyebrow powder can create natural hair-like strokes. However, unlike an eyebrow pencil, I find it easier to build up powder because it is much denser than a pencil and can be comfortably layered. Eyebrow powder can easily be cleaned up if any mistakes are made. An affordable option I recommend is the Revolution Duo Eyebrow Powder, available at Superdrug for £4.

Eyebrow gel

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The most unique out of the previously mentioned products, not only because of its quick application, but also the subtle yet defined look it can create. Eyebrow gel can be used to give some hold to your brows (it is best for those with thick and unruly brows). However, for those lacking in thick and defined eyebrows, a tinted gel can be a great second product to add some hair-like strokes on top of powder or pencil by tinting the hairs you already have to create an on-trend fluffy eyebrow look. I recommend the Glossier Boy Brow available at for £14.

Brow Pomade

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I find the eyebrow pomade the hardest to master because it can either create a defined arch or an unnatural block of colour. The eyebrow pomade is the most concentrated of the products. As a result, it is incredibly long-wearing. Its high concentration can create the most lifelike brow hairs but equally the most inauthentic. With some practice the eyebrow pomade can help create the perfect eyebrow arch; just remember to take it slow. Despite being the most expensive on the list, I recommend the renowned Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade for avoiding the block brow look. It is available at for £19.

The perfect eyebrow product can be challenging and certainly intimidating. Hopefully, I have been able to shed some light on the options available and the looks they can create. My routine is of an eyebrow powder then a gel on top. However, it has taken many years to finally reach my desired brow look. Testing out different options can be the best way to nail your routine but with the knowledge of what product is best for you, hopefully, it can save you some time.