Glossier - is it worth spending your student loan on?

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When you think of glossier, images of clear-skinned, beautiful, flushed, dreamy faces may spring to mind. The brand conveys the concept of easily achieved beauty for all. With paraben free, dermatologically tested, cruelty free products that claim to suit all skin types and adverts that feature beautiful women from varied backgrounds and ages, the cult products have many questioning: is it worth the hype?

Well, like many others I’m have been enticed enough to try the products out myself and am going to put the brand’s expensive price point to the test.

Perfecting skin tint:

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Described as a breathable liquid (almost watery) foundation. The shade range was recently expanded from six shades to twelve. This is an incredibly sheer product; if you're looking for something incredibly light-weight and are going for a fresh-faced look, this will help you achieve this. It is easy to apply as you apply it using your fingers and is buildable if you use a brush for more coverage. This product is however, an expensive buy as a student and there are other light weight foundation options you could turn to accomplish the same look.

£20 for 30ml

Stretch Concealer:

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Labelled a buildable concealer with a dewy finish. It is supposed to give a brightening effect and provide natural looking coverage; the concealer also comes in twelve shades. Similar to the foundation it is incredibly light weight, buildable, but there are so many drug store concealers that provide a similar look and this concealer is not really necessary. After all, if I’m using a concealer, there is clearly something I want concealing without having to use half of the container.

£15 for 4.8g

Cloud Paint:

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A cult favourite, the Cloud Paints are a lightweight cream blush, used with purpose of achieving a natural, radiant look. There are six different shades which were inspired by sunsets in NYC. I can say wholeheartedly that I love these blushes, they last all day and formulate a seamless look. They do not require much product in order to show up on your cheeks, and honestly, being a cream product means it blends seamlessly providing the most natural blush to your face. I have consistently used this product since I started buying it and it has made me feel so much more confident throughout the day. ­­­

£15 for 10ml

Boy Brow:

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The creamy wax product has the intention of shaping your eyebrows into place all day, whilst making them appear thicker. It comes in four shades, but they could be considered subtle tints really, as they don’t provide massive amount of colour. I found that Boy Brow does fix your eyebrow shape all day but considering the price point, and what it actually accomplishes, I would not choose this over one of my cheaper brow mascaras. Again, a drugstore product would suffice.

£14 for 3.12g

Lip Gloss:

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Marketed as a gloss that serves as a comfortable high shine long wearing lip gloss. There are 3 available shades and a little does go a long way. I found it to be quite sticky and unfortunately found that it is not as long-lasting as I would have hoped. Having said this, it is a beautiful lip gloss and I am yet to find a dupe that achieves the same particular look that this one does. The only downside is product amount to price ratio, perhaps one to put on the birthday list.

£11 for 4.2ml

If you try any of these products out, send us a picture of how you got on; get in touch at @inquirekent on Instagram.

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