'New year, new me': Sophie's story

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2020 Has begun. Not only does this mark the start of a new year, but of a new decade and as expected, the phrase ‘New Year, New Me’ has seen its endorsement skyrocket. As per usual it is this time of the year that people tell themselves they will eat healthier, give up drinking for a month, join a gym and so on. Yet we all know that even before the half-way mark of June rears its head, so many of us will have lost motivation and given up. But that isn’t necessarily the case for everyone.

Sophie Humphrey, an undergraduate English Student at the University of Kent, has decided to show 2020 who’s boss. Having decided in her 21st year of living that now is the time to do something; to push herself to fitness limits Sophie has decided to sign herself up for the Half Marathon held in London in March. In order to prime herself for this event, not only has she been dedicated to training but for the start of 2020 she has decided to become a Vegan.

When in discussion with Sophie, she told me that she decided to partake in Veganuary “to eat cleaner and become stronger”. According to the website Challenge 22, being vegan is in fact really good for us, with recent studies finding that cancer rates among vegans were up to 19% lower compared to meat-eaters. It was also shown that vegans have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and lower chances for type 2 diabetes.

But becoming a vegan has not been easy for Sophie. Being a student that commutes, she still lives in the family home but now has to be independent in her shopping as she buys what is best for her. Not so friendly on her bank balance. Other difficulties being the only vegan in the household include temptation. Sophie relayed to me a story where one night, her mum sat across from her at home and proceeded to eat chocolate digestives, one of her favourites and an item of food she has been craving.

But despite all temptation, we are now in February and Sophie is still going strong. What keeps her going is the great charity that Sophie is running the marathon for, the Alzheimer’s Society, the UK’s leading dementia charity. They campaign for change, fund research to find a cure and support people living with dementia. This charity means a lot to Sophie as it with their help that her Grandad has finally got the care he needs. She wishes to use her marathon to raise awareness as there are so many other people like her Grandad that need the help. When telling me about this she said, “I want to make my Grandad proud”.

If you would like to help support Sophie reach her, please see her JustGiving page below. Or, if you wish to read more about the Alzheimer’s Society please see the website address below for their website.



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