Why you shouldn't miss Rugby (women’s) Varsity. An interview with Kaylea Mavromatis

Photo courtesy of UKC Women's Rugby

Varsity is fast approaching and the opening event this year is Women’s Rugby. Unfortunately, the women’s team have not enjoyed the same notoriety on campus as their male counterparts. Yet, this is not for lack of talent, and this year, more than others, proved just that.

I have long heard of the teams success this year, yet upon speaking with team captain – Kaylea Mavromatis it is immediately obvious that this is a team that we should all keep our eye on.

A new season often poses new challenges and can bring about change that usually disrupts the flow and playing styles of many teams. However, was not an issue for the UKC's Women's Rugby, instead they have built a winning team showing how they are still fierce competitors within their league. Kaylea comments that: “I'd say that the girls have come so far this year in developing their game, from starting with mixed abilities to playing and winning most matches.”

Photo courtesy of UKC Women's Rugby

This success has carried them through to the semi finals where they hope to progress to the final stages of the tournament. “it is something we never anticipated having walked over and been knocked out at round 1 for so many years.”

The success is not limited to their cup winning spree. They have worked their way up the table and sit comfortably in second, as of writing this piece. However, everything could change on March 18th, the date of the league deciding game. Kaylea expressed her excitement and stated “we have a very good chance, just points away from moving up a league for the first time since the 2016 season”.

Understandably such success does not come without hard work. Captain agrees as she thinks “it's down to the grafting we're putting in at training, we train 3x a week which is a big commitment, but it pays off. We're just really excited to hopefully move up and play a higher level of rugby”.

Looking a head to this weekend, there is no doubt that the women will put up a good fight. Despite being the top of their league, UKC currently play two leagues below Christchurch. Historically the women’s rugby team has not won the past 6 varsity matches. But Kaylea remains a confident in her team.

Photo courtesy of UKC Women's Rugby

“I think for our level, we're focusing more on personal wins which is playing good rugby, putting up a fight regardless of the score. I don't like coaching with the mentality of 'win every match' as I think it stresses people out, so instead we've focused on giving 110%, and playing a clean game at a level that we can be proud of. Doing this only makes our chance of winning higher without the pressure”.

The quality of play is set to be some of the best that Kent has produced in years and is definitely worth coming to experience for yourself. As one of the most successful teams at Kent, this Varsity game is sure to be an exciting match that you should not miss.

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