DAY 2: Varsity Round Up

March 1, 2020



38                    -                  15 

UKC Women’s Rugby  vs    CCCU Women’s Rugby


36                -                       0

UKC Men’s Ruby     vs     CCCU Men’s Rugby





Day 2 officially kicks off the back-to-back Varsity battles which will be taking place across the next 7 days. The royal rumble of the rugby clubs has always been a crowd favourite, consistently attracting large numbers over the year and 2020 was no different. In addition, the new scoring added weight to the Men’s and Women’s face off, with a hefty 6 points up for grabs.


UKC women’s rugby team play two leagues below their local rivals and have struggled to secure a Varsity win in the last 6 years. However, the women smashed expectations and continued carried on their success from their season to secure a solid 38 – 15 win.


The Men followed suit putting out a strong performance with few challenges for CCCU, leading to a result of 36 – 0.


The weeks opener proved to be a successful one for Team Kent. The two wins pushed Kent further ahead with the overall Varsity score now sitting at 9 – 0 heading into day three.




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