Day 2: Varsity Round Up

Day 2 was jam-packed with Tennis, Hockey and Football all taking place. With 17 points up for grabs, Day 2 promised to be an exciting one and it did not disappoint.

The morning opened with the Men’s 1s and 2s Tennis at Polo Farm. The 1s dominated throughout, with a brutal 5 - 1 win; with a particular standout performance from Giacomo De Carlo. The 2s followed shortly after, continuing their success resulting in two seamless wins for UKC Men’s Tennis. Team Kent took another 5 points.

Over at the Pavillion, Men Hockey 1s started off in the afternoon. It was a thrilling match with Kent dominating but CCCU putting up a good fight. The shots were accurate, with a lot of drag flicks! The final score ended in a 2 - 1 win.

Women’s Hockey 2s dominated their game and became the second team this year to not conceive a single point. The 8 - 0 win exhibited the Kent sides sophistication and skill entertaining the adoring Kent supporters.

As the whistle blew on the Kent Football 4s match, the score was tied up at 3-all sending the game to penalties. Both teams successfully scored their first penalty. However, both missed opportunities to pull ahead when taking the second. The third hit the crossbar for Kent which allowed CCCU to secure the winning shot and it was all over. A hard fought match with an unfortunate end for the hardworking 4s.

Men’s 2s started strong, but possession of the ball soon became equal between the two. It was anybody’s game, but CCCU stole it in the last second. The final score was 3 - 2 to CCCU.

After scoring their second goals and cementing their 2 goal lead Men’s Football 3s cruised through to the end of their match. Skillful work and flair saw the 3s control the game from the start and win effortlessly.

Women’s Hockey 1s took to the pitch to close out the day. The game was closely fought with the score remaining at 0-0 until the final moments of the game. Kent broke out to score, putting them 1 - 0. However, CCCU quickly responded with another 2 goals, leaving little time for Kent to recover. he score ended on 2 - 1.

Despite the mixed bag of results, Kent maintains its comfortable lead with the overall Varsity scores sitting at 20 - 6 at the end of Day 2.

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