Trampolining Triumphant

Image courtesy of Inquire Media

Trampolining was an energetic event, even as it went overtime and continued into the late evening. Technical faults and delays forced the competition back over an hour, but this didn’t break the focus or determination of either side. As the crowd waited patiently, the athletes took to the trampoline to perform their first routines.

The competition consisted of two sets of jumps, with three different levels for each. These different levels meant different routines - so participants from Christ Church and Kent aimed to complete the same routine. Each had 10 moves, and each move was scored from 0 to 1, with the average mark being a 0.7. There was no limit to the number of competitors for each routine. The competition ended up going for longer than expected.

The first set of jumps were solo, each participant going one at a time to demonstrate their skills at jumping, turning, flips, and more. It was incredibly exciting to watch people defy gravity and look so poised while doing it.

The second set was of synchronized jumps - where two people performed a routine in unison. The skill here was unparalleled, especially when they would perform a jump at the same angle and timing. Even though this was held at the end, it was worth staying to watch.

For the final result, Kent won by edging ahead with 0.88 points, an incredibly close match!

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