16 - 0 win for Hockey women's 2's

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With relatively defensive formation of 4-4-2, the UKC Women’s 2’s were determined not to let any ball go amiss. However, with a 16-0 victory, it was raining goals and rays of sunshine coming through the clouds, as more UKC supporters arrived to watch one of the biggest sports in the Varsity line up.

The first goal by UKC was scored within the first eight minutes; a lovely cross in from Number 08, Jo Ratsma, to the back-left post enabled a nice little dink into the goal.

It was clear UKC were off the blocks fast with some beautiful attacking play, ‘Fast and Furious’ Number 69, Natasha Cheeseman, was a key player in the transition from midfield to attack, and also at times up front. She carried the ball reverse stick side, one handedly all the way from their 25, into the centre of CCCU’s ‘D’ and set up a short corner… another goal for UKC.

UKC used the posts well to score yet more goals, particularly good play from Number 94, Jordan Richardson, alert for the rebounds off the keeper’s pads.

The second half was no different, with the crowd sat back and composed, aware UKC were smashing the score. UKC continued to dominate throughout, irrespective of short corner tactics. Clumsy feet by CCCU gave UKC many goal opportunities, of which they took full advantage. All involved, and all giving the ball, UKC worked incredibly well as a team culminating in a fantastic 16 - 0 victory.

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