Day 5: Varsity Round Up

Photo coutesy of Canterbury Varsity

Day 5 offered a mix of the old and new with traditional Varsity sports Tennis and Snow Sports being accompanied by newcomers E-Sports and Pool. With the fewest events of the week, Day 5 was still able to pack in plenty of entertainment for supporters and onlookers.

UKC Women’s Tennis were unable to secure the win on this occasion. The day was filled with impressive displays of athleticism and top tier tennis. The score does not necessarily reflect the hard work put in by the team. The potential of this team is evident and it is likely that future Varsity matches will only continue to become more competitive.

The dark horse of Varsity finally made their debut. E-Sports is the hotly anticipated Varsity fresher that had campus buzzing. As far as introductions go, this society couldn’t have done much better. A comfortable win accompanied with style, flair and skill made for an exciting competition which will likely attract many more supporters in the future.

As one of the most consistently successful Varsity teams, UKC Snow is always a safe bet. With Team Kent edging closer and closer to the minimum points needed to win, Varsity Snow Sports couldn’t have come at a better time. Once again, Kent Snow were able to pull out a spectacular win to clinch victory once more. Their performance awarded Team Kent another 3 points.

The overall score now stands at 46 - 15. As the minimum points required to win set at 47, a Team Kent win is inevitable. Prior to the introduction of the new scoring system, Team Kent typically won Varsity in the first few days. The attempt to make Varsity more competitive hasn’t prevented Kent from dominating throughout. Day 6 will see several sports hit the Pavillion field and most likely mark the day that UKC takes the Varsity Champions title.

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