Finding the will to run

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Before leaving for Christmas break, I’d look in the mirror and think to myself: “this is the body of a man who has seen the inside of a gym.”

Since then I’ve returned from my break and now I look in the same mirror thinking: “This is the body of a man who does not respect himself or society.”

Needless to say, I must up my cardio. The problem is, I hate any form of physical movement – the idea of exercise depresses me. So, to get me out of the house I think back to something a friend of mine said.

For some background on my buddy: he’s the boyfriend of a very close family friend and I’ve only met him once. He’s an actor. He’s like Slim from Of Mice and Men: incredibly cool but not cocky, and he invites confidence. His origin story is one of hard work and perseverance. I asked him how he did it, and if he had any tips for a lazy man-child like myself.

He told me the thing that really helped him in all aspects of his life was jogging. “Jogging is a great way to exercise will power.” He told me to commit to a distance and run non-stop. The goal wasn’t to get to the end quickly or within a certain amount of time; the goal was simply to complete the distance I had committed to.

As time goes on, you increase the distances and at some point (supposedly), jogging becomes enjoyable. “Until then” he said “be motivated by the thought that if you can do this thing that you so passionately hate, you can do pretty much anything.”

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