Third Times the Charm for Kent Dance

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Kent Dance won Varsity for the third year in a row! On Wednesday 4th March 2020 Kent Dance competed against Christ Church’s C4 Dance at Augustine Hall. The event started at 7pm with novice ballet. In total both Kent and Christ Church had 10 performances, each having two dances in novice ballet, contemporary, tap and jazz and two dances in Irish and advanced contemporary. Also, a few categories consisted of only one dance, advanced tap from Christ Church and advanced jazz and advanced street from Kent. There was also a wildcard category where there were not a set of rules to follow, Christ Church had two dances, Latin and commercial and Kent had one dance, Bollywood. The three judges with dance backgrounds were, Ricia Taylor, Kane Foley and Katie Levett.

As well as the Varsity champion title a few other awards were up for grabs, ‘Best Choreography’, ‘Best Females’, ‘Best Male’, ‘Best Performance’, ‘Best Costume’ and ‘Team Spirit’.

The competition as a whole was full of props, storytelling, themes, sass, energy and a range of music. While the judges deliberated a freestyle event took place for 45 minutes with many people from both Kent and Christ Church showing more of what they can do. The results followed with Kent Dance winning ‘Team Spirit’, ‘Best Choreography’ and ‘Best Costume’ for novice tap titled ‘When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ Also, one of the ‘Best Females’ awards went to Kent Dance’s April Carter.

After Kent Dance’s win was announced president Grace Anyiam said that the judges “also loved our advanced street, advanced contemporary” and “it was really nice to hear their feedback, what they liked, what we could improve on also, but yeah such a good night.”

The competition was fierce from the start with every dancer putting their all into every performance, ending with a well-earned victory for Kent Dance.

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