Victory for Volleyball in landslide win

Photo courtesy of Inquire Media

The UKC Volleyball team appeared confident in the face of a largely CCCU dominant crowd. At first, I assumed this was largely to do with the home advantage and familiarity of the courts and location. Yet, as the game went on, it became abundantly clear that the confidence of Kent had more to do with their knowledge of their inevitable win.

Kent left no time for C4 to gain any points and dominated from the onset. The first set saw Kent begin to demonstrate their superior skill. Notable performances in the first set coming from UKCs 2 with serving several unreturnable spikes. The pure power of 10 forced CCCU to fumble and allowed for UKC to gain a run of points. Clearly under pressure, Christ Church called for a time out to rethink their approach in the hopes of finding a way back into the game. However, the return only saw UKC continue their point scoring streak. Players 15 and 2 worked masterfully at the net, accurately and effectively tipping the ball over onto C4’s half forcing them to split creating perfect opportunities to gain valuable points. The final 4 points came from four beautifully placed aces from Kent. The set closed with Kent winning 25 - 3.

Kent’s 11 confidently served ace after ace highlighting CCCUs inability to return the power serves of UKC. Yet, a few minutes in C4 bucked the trend of the prior set and secured their first point of the game. However, this success was short lived and another timeout was called. Upon the return, C4 was able to rally. Clearly feeding off the crowd cheers and enthusiasm, but both attempts to score ended with skillful tips accurately placed over the net but 23 and 13 respectively. Soon after the second set came to end with a score of 23 - 2.

UKCs 12 steps up once again to serve in the opening of what would be the final set. A knee slide from CCCU’s 24 keep them in the rally but a spike from 14 gains Kent the point. CCCU makes a few attacking errors on the net before subbing out a player. The substitutions appear to reinvigorate C4 and their crowd respectively. They were subsequently able to gather a much needed 2 points. The run is cut short yet again by Kent. The back and forth at this moment was the most UKC was forced to work. An attacking error earns CCCU the point as they have their first opportunity to serve in several points. This was to be the last of the game, with the set ending in 25 - 5.

UKC had very few challenges throughout the game but maintained their high quality style of play and calm demeanor. Undoubtedly the best team won, thus awarding Team Kent a much appreciated 3 points.