Women's Hockey 1's fight to final whistle

Image courtesy of Inquire Media

The UKC Women’s 1’s held nothing back in the beginning. They were out with the first push back, and Number 2, Ellie Benson, and Number 14, Rebecca Ellis, worked well to help the ball superb block by Number 42, Captain Caitlin Merison, stopped CCCU in their tracks.

More positive play from the midfield and attack, each taking it in turns to change the pace of the match. Seamless play by Number 3, Emily Hartle, as she came on, the ball not leaving her stick carrying it at a diagonal angle across the pitch. It was clearly an even playing field all round. The backdrop of both teams vying for that number one spot in the South East 2B league only added to the tension and anticipation.

travel down the left hand side. A quick ball through from CCCU saw them charge at UKC, yet a UKC pressed high, making it hard to run back on the counterattack by C4. More feisty play from UKC witnessed Number 94, Lara Creighton, take out three CCCU players down the right-hand side, in attempt to switch the play. No luck for UKC, and lovely saves by goalie Ro Foister, meant that it was still 0-0 at half time.

As the crowd reached its peak in numbers, it was a nail biting last 35 minutes to end Varsity Hockey 2020. The sun was set, and it was anyone’s game. Forward player, Number 20, Jasmin Clarke, was pressing on CCCU from that first whistle of the second half, hassling for that ball. Down the other end, a failed short corner from CCU caused a sigh of relief for UKC.

The last 10 minutes were the pinnacle of the game with beautiful teamwork led by Creighton and UKC’s? 25 securing a first goal. However, CCCU retorted with a short corner against UKC; good pace from the injector, and a hit from the top of the ‘D’ meant it was 1-1. In the last minute CCCU took the 2-1 victory with another good hit in from their centre forward.