Day 4: Varsity Round Up

Photo coutesy of Canterbury Varsity

Day 4 was an away day for Team Kent which hosted Cricket, Climbing, Pole fitness and Dance.

The afternoon started with Men’s Cricket 2s. UKC were picked as the favourites as they entered the game already haven bested C4 four times this season. Christ Church were unable to capitalise on a few keep opportunities leaving Kent on top.

Kent’s Men’s 1 team, spurred on by recent successes and a vocal crowd, beat CCCU handily by 22 runs. A solid fielding performance by Kent helped lead Canterbury to collapse during the 7th over.

The Women's Cricket 1s game was a closely matched nail biter that came down to the final ball of the game. Despite Kent playing really well and getting some of Christ Church's key players out at crucial moments, Christ Church won by two runs.

The Pole Fitness Varsity was a captivating performance from start to end. The amount of practise that the girls must have put in, both on the poles and with the dance choreography, definitely showed in each category. This made for a really close competition. Not only were the teammates using the poles and performing tricks to win favour with the judges, they also put so much effort into the dancing, music and costume choices. Canterbury Christ Church was successful in taking home the varsity win.

As a new edition to Varsity, Climbing was not a point scoring fixture. This didn't stop UKC Climbing from giving it their all to clench the win. The debut resulted in another win for Team Kent.

The hotly anticipated Dance varsity closed out Day 4 ending in celebrations, tears and cheers as UKC stole victory once more. Spectators queued with excitement to watch the dance offerings of the two rivals. UKC’s consistent, polished and clean style edged out the Christ Church with judges highlighting their choreography and team spirit, awarding Team Kent 3 points.

When comparing the results from each day, it is clear that the new scoring system had the biggest impact on Day Four. If you were to only watch this day, you would be forgiven for thinking that Team Kent and Team CCCU were evenly matched. The 8 - 6 score line for Day 4 is in no way reflective of the overall domination of Team Kent.

The overall score currently stands at 43 - 12 to Team Kent. Only 5 more points are needed for Team Kent to win and it is incredibly likely that UKC could be announced as the winner on Day 5 or 6.

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