How to wear your Dr. Martens

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When it comes to shoes there are many different styles and brands – some trendier than others. But unfortunately a student budget means that most of us cannot afford every style of shoe out there. Typically, male students have it easier than girls in the shoe department and I know quite a few who have no more than two pairs of shoes with them at university. They tend to have the shoes that will basically go with any outfits. Lucky them. There is one shoe, however, that all genders can relish in, a staple shoe that can be styled in so many ways and will last a lifetime: The humble, Dr. Marten.

The iconic shoe that has transformed from a punk staple to the go-to off-duty choice of models like Bella Hadid to Kaia Gerber is now available in so many different colours and styles – she has the range Uggs wish they could possess. One things for sure, they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

Here are some classically cool outfit ideas that you can style around your Dr. Martens to convince you that you need a pair, or to inspire you with some outfit ideas if you already own some. Statement socks:

No matter what kind of Dr. Martens you are wearing, snazzy socks are such a fun thing to wear with them. The more colourful and patterned, the better. And you can get some cool socks if you know where to look:

Happy Socks have an array of patterned socks for you to choose from. They are not cheap, with one pair ranging from roughly £10-£14, but if you love your socks then maybe Happy Socks is the place for you. H&M also do a good mix of patterned socks (nearly always in the men’s section though) and they often do a 3 for 2 deal on them as well. Amazon also does some cool socks, but the price really does vary quite a bit depending on where you are getting them from.

Tip: Rolled up trousers / jeans are a great combo as they really show off your sock style.

Fun tights

The tights really add to the look that Dr. Martens can create, no matter the colour and / or style of your Docs. If you wear tights with them then it really pulls a look together. Sheer tights is a style very popular on catwalks and with influencers. This is definitely the classic Dr. Marten look for most people and it has been for a while.

The biker look

Very similar to the tights idea but this look can be gender-neutral; all you need is a nearly all-black outfit and a leather jacket. You can throw an unbuttoned tartan shirt in as well if you want to invoke a little grunge. Or some blue jeans instead of grey / black.


Nearly anything vintage, especially the '80s / '90s style goes well with a pair of Dr. Martens. The best part is the variation in colours and patterns that you can choose from; if opting for the '80s go crazy with a mix-mash-up style; if the '90s are more your thing, go grunge. Black Docs would be preferable for this though as they do compliment every outfit. Unless you know the colour range that you stick to when it comes to your wardrobe. Then you definitely can experiment with a complementary colour of Dr. Martens to go with that. The chill look

A pair of coordinating Docs and joggers work on practically anyone. Pair this with a baggy jumper or a t-shirt, a sports bra, or a bodysuit and you have an effortlessly fashionable look. This look is so casual but also super trendy and comfortable. Your jacket of choice might depend on the weather and / or occasion. But an oversized bomber or a leather jacket really adds to this look.

Dungarees / Overalls

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These are such a comfy and effortless combination with Dr. Martens. All you need to think about is what shirt / jumper to wear underneath and then what socks. denim and corduroy dungarees pair wonderfully with Dr. Martens. Dungarees make an easy outfit to put together which is good if you are in a rush or want to be extra comfy for the day.

In all honesty, Dr. Martens go with practically any outfit, you could probably pull off wearing them with pyjamas. If you are now feeling the need to own a pair of Dr. Martens (or add to your collection) then remember as a student, you get 15% off in their store. But Dr. Martens are quite expensive, so if that does not lower the price enough for you then eBay and Depop are always a good places to go for them. An important fact to remember is that if you cannot get a pair of Dr. Martens you like in your perfect size then you can always go a size or half a size up and buy some Dr. Marten in-soles. The in-soles take away a half from the original size. I bought a pair of size 6 Dr. Martens in the store and they were a little big for me, I added an insole to make them a 5 1⁄2 and now they fit perfectly.


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