Varsity Pole Fitness has arrived

Image courtesy of Inquire Media

The Pole Fitness Varsity was a captivating performance. Canterbury Christ Church took home the win, but Kent certainly gave a good fight. The whole event was intriguing. A combination of guest performances, music and dancing gave the competition an entertaining edge. It was clear the amount of practise and training that the performers, on both teams, had put into their choreography and their moves on the pole.

The first round of the competition was the beginner’s round, and team Kent was victorious in this. Both teams came across highly skilled and well-practised and their moves were well put together. It didn’t seem like a beginner’s competition, their moves on the poles were impressive. The addition of a choreographed dance, made for a professional looking performance. Mika, Kent’s beginner, was the winner in this round. Her confidence coupled with her moves made her a very deserving winner.

The intermediate round of the varsity competition completely changed the tempo of the event. Christ Church’s Storm won this round and also won the overall best costume award from the judges. Her red hair and bright red heels really added to the whole feel of her performance. She competed to the Bishop Briggs’ song ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, and didn’t hold anything back. Not only did she give a captivating performance, her tricks on the pole were also very impressive. Team Kent’s performer, Emily, also gave an amazing performance, and although didn’t come out on top, it must have been a very difficult decision to the judges. Her moves on the pole were thrilling and her choreography was well practised and smooth. Performing to a heavy metal song brought a sense of danger and excitement to the competition.

The penultimate round was the advanced round, and both performances were very impressive. The girls performed tricks on the pole that looked incredibly intricate and challenging, whilst keeping their performances smooth and flowing. Kent’s Laoise was awarded the best tricks award from the judges for her controlled yet invigorating moves on the pole. Christ Church took the win in this competition, and their performer gained the best choreography award. The audience certainly enjoyed this round. There was a lot of cheering and clapping, especially when Laoise threw her bouquet of flowers which were caught by Christ Church’s guest performer. She followed this up by climbing onto the pole to perform another series of intricate tricks.

Unlike the other rounds in the pole fitness varsity, the two group performances meant that the teams had a different number of performers on each side. Once again, Christ Church took the win with their four-person team. Their moves and costumes were detailed and sophisticated. Kent’s competitors Naani and Mika made up a duet and they continued to uphold the high standard they had set from early on in the competition. Unfortunately, it was their timing that was the noticeable difference between the two teams. The performance was entertaining but, the complex choreography and pole tricks highlighted the out of sync duo.

Both the teams gave an amazing performance, and all the competitors were well practised and skilful on the poles. The judge’s spent a lot of time deliberating each round, implying that decision must have been difficult to make. Overall the pole fitness varsity was won by Canterbury Christ Church.